Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bible Study...Anything But Boring!

We have been spending the last few weeks studying the Book of James using a book from the Lectio Devina series as a guide. It is amazing how a step by step walk through this little book can evoke so much discussion. Our kids are really processing the lessons pulled from the verses each week. We simply take turns reading the scripture verses for the week and then use a few of the questions, stories or examples to spark the discussion. Often the discussion answers the rest of the questions before we even get to them!
The emphasis has been on building the Christian character. We spent the first two chapters discussing; how we treat others while avoiding favoritism, letting scripture help us to resist temptations. and how to be sensitive to the feelings of others with our words, actions, and attitudes. This week we also pulled out the instruments again for a great time of worship. The kids played on the djembe and shakers while I accompanied on guitar.